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Yanigisawa Pro Tenor Sax

Late 80's model w/suede case.  New custom neck available also


Holton Farkus 179 Double French Horn

An excellent double horn with case and mouthpiece.  We also have a nice Yamaha double horn with case and mouthpiece.


Jupiter Student Model Alto Sax

Excellent  with case and mpce. 


Jupiter Professional Alto Sax

Silver Engraved body with gold keys.  Beautiful horn in near perfectcondition in case. Listed for around $2000.


Armstrong Piccolo Flute

Silver w/case, serviced and ready to go.  EC++


Gemeinhardt French Open Hole Low B Flute Outfit

Good condition w/ original case and cover. 2 models.  One with offset.  Model V  and model 30SHB


Selmer SignetAlto Saxophone

Probably from the '60's with original neck .  A  very nice older instrument wih fair lacquer and  pads

Call                                      l

Conn 52H Artist Tenor Trombone Trombone

F-attachment instrument w/ hardshell case and mpce.. EC++


Buffet R-13 early version

Original case included with this instrument


Selmer S90 Alto Sax Mouthpiece Virtually brand new top of the line hard rubber mouthpiece.  Call


Olds Tenor saxophone

Original case. Very nice condition.  Call for details.


Selmer 101 Oboe and case.

Very upperline grenadillo wood oboe, recently serviced GC


Olds Woodwinds

We carry their complete line of instruments


Selmer USA Tenor Sax

Nice horn w/original case


Protec Tenor Sax Case

Used but in superb condition.  Blue Canvas shaped case w/ straps


Humes and Berg Instrument Cases

We can get you anything in their line.


Protec Instrument Cases

Anything in their line


Bundy Alto Clarinet

Hardshell case included.  Almost complete.