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Item Description Price
Ampeg VL502 Lee Jackson Head Amp A monster. Dual channel, dual reverb, dual master controls with a built in attenuator. This all tube head sounds beautiful. This amp head was originally designed for Lee Jackson and was $1200 GC $700
Carvin PRO BASS 500 Bass Head 250 X 250 Watts biampable bass head with 4 band EQ and graphic, compressor, sustain, and crossover capabilities. You can also bridge for mono. All of the features you would need. $395
Fender M 80 Chorus Head Made for full sized stack. Rare head is 130 watts of Fender sound w/ chorus. Orig. list $620 $349
Laney HCM65R Guitar Combo A 65 watt combo w/ channel switching, spring reverb, and 12" Carvin 100 watt British Series speaker that sounds great. This is the Hard Core Max series that has separate EQ for the clean and overdrive channels with 2 levels of overdrive. $259
1968 Fender Bassman Head Consignment all tube 50 watt bass amp, but excellent for guitar. Fully functional pre CBS circuit, like the '66. The drip edge front panel is missing, but this also makes it keep the tubes cooler when it is being played. Call
Laney GH 50 L Guitar Head and Cabinet Half Stack New 50 watt tube guitar head with resonance, drive, presence, master vol, bass, mid, treble, gain. Top of the line....beautiful sound. Matching 4X12 cabinet, Celestion loaded. $1099.99 Head / $749 Cabinet
Peavey Minx Bass Combo Amplifier A 30 watt combo amp with a 10"speaker with a very clear voicing.. Originally $299 $165
Yamaha G100 212 III Combo 100 watt powerhouse of an amp with reverb and overdrive channel. Footswitchable. EC $299
Fender 1966 Blackface Bassman Amplifier Vintage all tube amp with that pure Bassman tone. $795
Marshall Artist 4203 Combo 30 watts with reverb with single 12 and overdrive. Tube model with authentic Marshall tone. Channel switching and reverb on/off. British Series speaker. Long tank spring reverb. Loud!! Great condition. $499.99
Crate GX 40C Combo Nice combo amp with 2 10" Celestion speakers and stereo chorusing effects and overdrive channel.. Originally $439 VGC $199.99
Hartke HA2000 Bass Head 200 watts of clean Hartke tone. Full graphic EQ. New $449 or a discount for cash
Laney Tube and Solid State Amps We can get you anything in amps and speakers from this fine British company. Call
Sound Factory 4X12 Cabinet 4X12 cabinet with 4 Altec Lansing 4178-H II 12" speakers. Beautiful sounding clarity. Call
Fender Deluxe 112 Blackface 1X12 combo at 65 loud watts w/ reverb, effects loop and overdrive, solid state model. Originally $450 $299
1966 Bandmaster Piggyback Head and Cabinet This unit is all original and as clean as they come. Speakers are the 2 original blue back 12's. Consignment. $1400
Crate GC40XL Combo Guitar Amp Full featured powerful 40 watt combo amp with lead and rhythm channels with real reverb, chorus, and effects loop and.2X 8" speakers. Originally cost $400. VGC+ $210
Peavey TNT 100 Bass Combo Amp This 150 watt bass amp is punchy and powerful and originally sold for $649. In excellent condition with a strong 15" speaker. $250
Ibanez Soundwave 35 Bass Combo 35 watt tilt back bass combo with 4 band EQ and CD in jacks. Used in ECEC. $130
Fender Princeton 112 Plus Combo w/ 1X12 w/ reverb, footswitch and cord. Used EC + Solid state...65 watts. $299
We also have an Ampeg BA112 w/ scrambler combo bass amplifier with ultra low, mid and high boosts for $250 with 75 watts of Ampeg tone and in superb condition. We also have a Peavey KB4 keyboard amp as well as Yorkville 200 and 100 watt keyboard amplifiers.
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