PA, Recording, and Sound Reinforcement

Item Description   Price

Tascam 42 B  Reel To Reel Mastering Deck

Top of the line  mastering deck w/ manual. 


Carvin 822 PA Speakers

200watts @ 8 ohms .  These listed for $400 each when new

$299.99                                 for                         both                      

Wharfdale Pro SPX 815 P. A. Amplifier

15 channel  PA  amp with digital effects, dual  Graphic EQ, effects loop and auxillary channel.. Dual power amps that can be split between mains and monitors, or both to mains.  Previously owned and  EC


 Traynor Voicemate YVM-2

4 channel early traynor PA.  Sounds great. 


Yamaha EMX 312SC Self contained P. A.

Brand new 12 channel PA head...Dual power amp for mains and monitors and dual EQ ., Monitor ready.  Has digital effects.    EC

$629.00 od discount for cash                    

Wharfdale Pro SVP 15 Speaker Cabinets

15" and horn new cabinets.  400 watt program, 800 watts peak.

$289 each                   



Mackie1202 VLZ Mixer with rack mount panels

Top of the line micro mixer .  12Channels.


Community CSX 35 Cabs

Nice used pair, 15 and horn with light protection, lists at $500 each....priced each .  Consignment


Wharfdale Pro SVP X15 Cabinets

Will handle 300 watts each with eliptical HF horns.  Nice compact powerful trapezoid cabinet, stand ready.


Peavey MDII  8X2 Mixer Mixing Console

Nonpowered 8X2 mixer.  You just need power amp and speakers.


BGW 250 B  Power Amp

VGC from the 70's   Newly serviced and ready to go.


Yorkville Pro PA Gear

Entire line is available.  Great sounding PA gear from the Canadian  company. 


Peavey 300 CH Monitor amp

Used monitor amp with 150 watts to power 2 monitor speakers.  Sounds great..


Crown DC 300A  Power Amplifier

Powerhorse amplifier with excellent specs.  Rare with 2 white knobs on front panel.  We also have a D150



We carry their complete line of instruments



Older 1 rack space crossover


BGW Stereo Power Amplifier

Quality Amp with good power.


'50's Magnecord Multitrack

1/4" tape transport and module rack, rack mountable, w/manual


 XENYX1002FX 12 Channel Subnmixer  Nice used portable mixer in EC+ condition with owners manual  $60.00