Effects Processors

Item Description Price

Fulltone Deja Vibe

Mike Fuller's personal Deja Vibe...Serial Number 0002 and Mine! handwritten on the pedal.  Of the first 10 made, Robin Trower, David Gilmour, Peter Frampton, Eric Johnson, and Keith Richards each own one.


Fulltone Octafuzz

Combination of fuzz and octave in this clever pedal.  Power supply included.


Boss RV 5 Digital Reverb

Stereo inputs and outputs with level, tone, time controls.  Modes include spring, plate, hall, modulate, gate, and room.  Sounds wonderful.


Digitech PDS 1650 Programmable Distortion

Proffessional pedal that lets you record preset distortion patches and recall them by number.  Large red digital number display.  EC


Digitech PDS 1550 Programmable Distortion

Proffessional pedal that lets you program two independent analog distortions for quick access in a floor pedal.


Digitech PDS 1000 Digital Delay

Proffessional Digital Delay pedal  Delay time...Regen...Mix...Output...Input.  Blue


Digitech PDS 2000 Two Second Digital Sampler

Proffessional Digital Delay Sampler .  Same controls as above.  Dark Blue


Boss PMS 5 Power Supply Master Switch

For use with BCB6 pedal board.  Lists $180


Boss  CE5 Chorus Enbsemble

Like brand new.  Stereo out with level, rate, depth, and high and low tone filters.  Listed new for$164.50.


Boss CE20 Dimensional Processor Chorus Ensemble

Used full featured dual pedal  for all types of chorusing...rich..bass..acoustic..standard..dimensional D..CE1...with effect level low and high tone, brilliance and ambience controls.  You can also write presets.


Ibanez MS10 Metal Charger

Attack...Edge...Distortion.....Punch...and level controls.  Very cool distortion. EC


Vox Clyde McCoy Wah & Bag

Lists at $250.  Higher end Vox wah.


Yamaha FX 500 Bass Multieffects

'80's programmable effects for bass.  Versatile.  Two of these.  Orig list $500+


Electro Harmonix Bass Balls

New pedal with wood carry case.  Simulates Human speech.  Discount for cash.


Vox Bulldog Distortion A preamp tube controlled distortion with Cooltron Tube Technology.  Never used.  Original cost $300


Zoom 5000 Driver

Built like a tank, this will make even the tamest of amps sound like a major rock guitar rig.


Zoom Choir

Same as above, but with chorus and delay settings in the same pedal.  $400 orig list. Very hard to find. 


Korg Tone Booster

Like a small preamp, this blends bass and treble controls with output level and gain controls.  Very rare...well built.  Use with Bassman for overdrive capability.


Boss DM3  Analog Delay Pedal

Like new Japanese analog stompbox.  Great sound.  The reddish burghundy one in EC+ condition.


Octave Pedals

DOD FX35 Octaplus,  BossOC2,  Aria Octave AOC1