Drums & Percussion


Item Description   Price

Peace DNA 5-piece Drumkit (New)

Beautiful Atomic Bullion Sparkle kit with black rims and rim msuspension mounts.  Super heavy duty pedals and stands and matching 5X14" snare drum.  All drums are maple shells in lacquer sparkle finish (not a wrap)

$2495 list  $1500cash                         

Tama 4X15" Trackmaster piccolo snare

Kenny Aronoff engraved black on brass signature series snare drum w/ chrome plated brass rims.  Perfect.


Ludwig Supraphonic 400 Snare Drum

Keystone logo 5X14 drum.  Sounds great, but some pitting of chrome


UFIP 22" 'early '70's Swish China Cymbal

Rare almost unplayed china with traditional bell.  Large variety of sounds.  Top of the line in the early '70's.


Pacific Double Bass Drum Pedals

I have 2 of these in excellent used condition.

$100 Each                                        

Omar Hakim Mahoghany Piccolo Snare Drum

Maple shell 5X13"  Lists over $500


Pearl Floating Shell Snare Drum 6x14"

One piece floating brass in EC.  I also have an earlier one with a smoky black finish on a maple shell.


Premier Olympic Snare Drum

8 Lug early 70's drum in good condition.  Double tension lugs 


Slingerland Black Badge 13" Rack and 16' Floor Toms W/Black Chrome Wrap

13 and 16" Concert Toms.  Beautiful Condition.


Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum

10 Lug 5x14 in chrome 2 available.  One keystone and one blue/olive logo.


Sabien  18" HH thin Crash

Hand hammered top of the line crash.  This cymbal has a current list of $534.   VGC   Rare


Orange County 6X13 Piccolo Snare Drum

Natural wood shell with smoked chrome black hardware and wonderful die cast rims


Tama Imperial Star 5-Piece drumkit

Complete set in brushed chrome, evans heads, all hardware, and snare drum.  22-12-13-16-5X14



Pearl Double Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal On Turbo Plate









 On turbo plate with side mount hoop clamp and chain drive.


Ludwig double tom mount stand

Slide on brackets in EC


L P aspire Conga

Darkwood  finish, 11" Conga size


LP Aspire Bongos w/Stand

A natural wood bongo set on LP stand.  Comfort rims.


Gretsch Floating Action Pedal

Heavy duty used pedal....Broken in and ready to go.


Slingerland Bass Pedal

Strap pull, blue frame w/large S on pedal


Gretsch 22" Bass Drum

Round badge 50's  in WMP, hoop mount legs, consolette rail mount.

Call                                                        l

Tama Titan Double Tom Stand

Used complete stand in great condition


Ludwig Double Tom Stand

  Olive badge with round tubing in good condition


 We also carry full lines of hardware for DW, LP, Percussion Plus, Gibralter, and Universal Percussion as well as cymbal by Zildjian, Istanbul, Sabian, Paiste, and Meinl. Call for prices and discounts.