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    Keyboards, Midi, and Miscellaneous


Item Description Price
Yamaha SY 77 Synth Top of the line 16 track sequencer workstation, w/ floppy drive. Originally cost...$3000 $850
Yamaha TX 1P One rack space Grand Piano module with extra features, listed at $1000. $350
Yamaha QX 5 8 channel full midi sequencer w/ manual. $250
Hammond Organ with Original Bench Two keyboards and foot pedal bass. Great condition with internal speaker system and paddle levers for change. Very well taken care of. Consignment $150
Mackie 1202 VLZ 12 channel stereo mic-line mixer w/ carrying case.  
Yamaha SY55 Synthesizer Used keyboard with 8 track sequencer for songwriting. Same sound architecture as the famous SY77. $495
Casio Privia 88 Key Piano Nice electronic piano with additional organs, etc. and built-in speakers with full midi. $300
Extreme Isolation EX25 Headphones Excellent for response 20-20,000HZ and noise cancelling. Leather ear cups. $99
Tree Works Bar Chimes All models in stock. Call
Used and New Speakers 12" Altec 4178H II, JBL D140 F 15", 18" Jensen Concert Vibranto, Fender, Jensen, JBL, Gauss, Celestion, etc. Reconing available. Call
Tubes Sovtec, Electro Harmonix, Ruby, JJ. Call
Fender Rhodes Amplifier Section This is the power amp section from a Rhodes speaker cabinet. $150
Casio Privia 88 Key Electric Piano Very nice sounding keyboard with midi. $300
Yamaha RX 7 Drum Machine Programmable drum machine with real time and step write w/ adapter. Top of their line at the time. $900-$1000 . Power supply and manual. $270
Yorkville Keyboard Amps The very finest 4 channel 15 & Horn Keyboard amp at 200 actual watts. Also in stock are the 100, watt model as well as the 12 & horn monitor cabinets. Call
Peavey KB4 Keyboard Amp A powerful 4 channel keyboard amp on rollers for easy transport with pull handle. Good working condition with some signs of use. $295
Heavy Duty X Braced on Stage Keyboard Stands Several models available in different strengths. Call
Keyboards for Parts Casio workstation. Yamaha DX9. Ensoniq w/ floppy drive. Roland W60. Call
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