Keyboards, Midi, and Miscellaneous


Item Description   Price

Yamaha SY 77 Synth

Top of the line 16 track sequencer workstation, w/ floppy drive.  Originally cost...$3000


Yamaha TX 1P    

One rack space Grand Piano module with extra features, listed at $1000


Yamaha QX 5

8 channel full midi sequencer w/ manual


Hammond Organ with Original Bench

Two keyboards and footpedal bass.  Great condition with internal speaker system and paddle levers for schange  Very well taken care of.  Consignment


Mackie 1202 VLZ

12 channel stereo mic-line mixer w/carrying case


Yamaha SY 55 Symthesizer

Used keyboard with 8 track sequencer for songwriting.  Same sound  archithecture as the famous SY77.  . 


Casio Previa 88 Key Piano

nice electronic piano with additional organs, etc and built oin speakers with full midi.


Extreme Isolation EX25 Headphones

Excellent for  response 20-20,000HZ  and noise cancelling., Leather earcups.


Tree Works Bar Chimes

All models in stock


Used and new speakers

12" Altec 4178H II, . JBL D140 F 15",  18" Jensen Concert Vibranto , Fender.Jensen,JBL,Gauss,Celestion etc.  Reconing available



Sovtec, Electro Harmonix,Ruby,JJ,


Fender Rhodes amplifier section

this is the power amp section from a Rhodes speaker cabinet.


Casio Previa 88 key electric piano

Very nice sounding keyboard with midi


Yamaha RX 7 Drum machine

Programmable drum machine with real time and step write  w/adapter. Top of their line at the time.  $900-$1000 .  Power Supply and manual.


Yorkville Keyboard Amps

The very finest 4 channel 15 & Horn Keyboard amp at 200 actual watts.  Also in stock are the 100,watt model as well as the 12 & horn monitor cabinets


Peavey KB4 Keyboard Amp A powerful 4 channel keyboard amp on rollers for easy transport with pull handle.  Good working condition with somes signs of use.


Heavy duty X braced On Stage Keyboard St5ands.

Several models available in different strengths.


Keyboards for parts

Casio workstation.  Yamaha DX9.  Ensoniq w/floppy drive.  Roland W60